The personage inside travel expresses, at present in high-end furniture market is facing bigger predicament. It is the market enters saturation period stage by stage, demand decreases australian pool fence design ceaselessly, highlight gradually for be more than the contradiction that beg, inventory of manufacturer finished product lasts tall look forward to.

2 it is to be below the big environment of economic be issued cheap composite floor decking to lower levels, consumer net decreases, more careful to high-end consumption, the abidance plus policy of cheap of national anti-corruption initiate high pressure, high-end consumer decreases further, one disaster after another of market of furniture of Cupboard composite materials the high end in making.

3 it is enterprise benefit is reduced ceaselessly. Pollute accentuation as zone environment, price rises, and labor cost rises and local government undertakes industrial structural external decorative wall panels france adjustment wait, original dominant position loses section gradually, competition ability of furniture product market drops, enterprise benefit is reduced ceaselessly.