<p>present, sofa cushion and pillow are generally factory mass production standard, if love other personality, you can follow the specified custom shape. The size of the sofa cushion and pillow sofa cushion pillow 4 size generally not less than the size of the sofa, if </p>
<p>not sure what size, sofa cushion pillow, can be the first volume of his own home on the sofa made clear size before buying. A good choice for their own sofa cushion and pillow, arranged a warm home, Why not?? in the choice, not only to see the sofa cushion </p>
<p>and pillow color, material, shape and size, but also to choose a suitable own price.Hodges sofa is a sofa industry well-known brand, its influence is quite large, but may not use Hodges sofa friends some product information on it is still not very understanding. </p>
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