Shen Shichu of company president assistant tells a reporter, the company basically produces the product such as aggrandizement wood floor, straw floor, wooden model floor. outdoors inexpensive lightweight tiles Compare with photograph of real wood floor, these floors do not need to expend silvan natural resources. Last year, this company produces a floor board 7 million square metre, use 2.6 million pieces of man-made board about, if produce the real wood floor board of as much, go to bad news lumber of sixty-one thousand nine hundred stere.

As we have learned, town of horizontal indoor composite flooring manufacturer in sandnes stroke forest serves as Changzhou " of floor of Chinese aggrandizement wood " , have company of aggrandizement wood floor many 170, produced a floor board in all last year 200 million square metre, managing lumber one million seven hundred and sixty-eight waterproof grey wpc hollow decking thousand five hundred stere.

Current, the group of industry of characteristic of aggrandizement wood floor that horizontal Lin Zhen already made domestic come first on the list, the product build a water proof deck patio exports 150 many nations of world and area, export portion to take countrywide congener product 65% the left and right sides.