"Broadband building service for middle-income families in New York five years ago," broadband "construction and development company in New York harlem built a building there are 129 units of" green intelligent apartment " painting indoor floor for outside , but to the market to promote the green building in New York's highest also took them for five years.
"Broadband" Carlton, head of the brown said: "in 1996 we began to talk about the green building and intelligent building, tell people the apartment in the long run more economic and energy saving outdoor flooring ideas balcony , but people do not seem to understand what are we talking about, but also not interested."
Now, in the building of "broadband" built, each suite has a wireless broadband Internet access, public laundry room can make an appointment via the Internet fence manufacturing companies in swedish . The apartment more than 60% of the material is recycled or renewable, it consumes energy 35% less than in New York state energy norms,