<p>formaldehyde exceed the standard house? The following Xiaobian to 12 symptoms of indoor formaldehyde exceed the standard of judging whether the. 1, every morning after getting up, feel dejected, nausea, and even dizzy. 2, the family of children often </p>
<p>cough, sneezing, decreased immunity. 3, the family a total of a disease, and leave the environment, the symptoms have a significant change and improvement. 4, go to work on the feeling of sore throat, respiratory tract hair dry, after work will be all right. 5, </p>
<p>family members often have allergies and other problems, but also a group of sex. 6, although do not smoke, but often feel the voice is not comfortable, there is a sense of foreign body, breathing is not smooth. 7, the family is often easy to catch a cold. 8, the </p>
<p>newly married couple for a long time is not pregnant, and check out the reason. 9, after the move, domestic cats, dogs and even tropical fish to die rather baffling. 10, pregnant women in the case of normal pregnancy found fetal malformations. 11, the new </p>
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