Yesterday morning, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and the Haidian District Branch of the North Fourth Ring of industrial and commercial Wanjia Deng, actually home Jinyuan shop two building materials city macro-resistant flooring store in violation of the "Olympic Symbol Protection Ordinance", unauthorized use The Olympic licensed merchandise for commercial promotion activities of the infringement were outdoor flooring
10: 20 am, industrial and commercial personnel to ten thousand lights building materials city macro-resistant flooring store on-site investigation found that the store placed a large promotional poster door, the door above the hanging of more than 20 posters and in-store product display area There are Olympic mascot Fuwa, Fuwa pillow and other Olympic licensed merchandise mark, in kind. According to the store clerk, the promotion is macro-resistant company in the city within the store, in the March 10 to 25, where the consumer to buy macro-resistant floor to a certain size, will be Fuwa pillow Or Fuwa gifts.Average Cost of Installing Fence
Asked to know do not know the behavior of the promotion has constituted an infringement, the clerk said do not know, but know Fuwa is the Olympic mascot. Law enforcement officers have to leave the business, store manager in addition to contact with the phone and the clerk, and did not show up.Building Fence with Pallets