<p>Room lighting conditions also limit the choice of floor color range. Well-lit rooms do not have to say, can be arbitrarily selected. The floor is low, lighting is not enough room will have to pay attention to select the higher brightness, color, suitable ground materials,removable planter box decking singapore
as far as possible to avoid the use of darker materials.</p>
<p>In addition, the color will affect people's visual effects, warm colors for the expansion of color, cool colors for the contraction of color. Therefore, the small size of the room to choose the dark colors of the ground cool, people have the feeling of expanding the area. If the choice of bright colors of the warm floor will make the space even more narrow, increasing the sense of oppression.</p>
<p>Multi-spell series - study</p>
<p>The study of the hue to elegance. Study is people for reading, writing and learning a static work space, people asked to be calm-headed, attention, peace. Gray, brown, green, light blue,residential steel handrail cost per linear foot
light green and other appropriate, the ground selection of dark, brown and other colors of the lining material, while a small amount of calligraphy and painting can be used at the same time, the use of color, Dotted to increase the contrast of indoor color.</p>
<p>Light series - living room</p>
<p>For example, the living room is the most open space in the home, is also the main activities of daily activities and reception guests, it is appropriate to adopt high transparency, soft colors, to create a clear and harmonious atmosphere.</p>
<P>Light Series - Bedroom</P>
<P>As the room is concerned, the color harmony is the first relationship, no matter what kind of color scheme, we must achieve the basic effect of harmony. But this does not mean dull and monotonous, contrast is needed, mainly should master the degree of contrast.</P>
<p>Note the overall harmony of local contrast</p>
<p>The overall decoration style and concept of the family is the primary factor in determining the color of the floor. Deep tone of the floor of the appeal and expression of strong personality characteristics of distinctive, light-colored floor style simple, fresh and elegant. In recent years, some seemingly flawed wood flooring, such as the tree section, insect eyes, decay, crack texture of the rising floor demand, is the importance of nature,tam rail railing prices
back to nature embodiment.</p>
<p>Secondly, pay attention to the floor with furniture. The ground color to set off the color of furniture and to calm and gentle tone, because the ground decoration is a permanent decoration, under normal circumstances, will not often change, so to choose a more neutral color. From the tone that light-colored furniture can be any combination of color depth of the floor, but the dark furniture and dark floor with the extra care will have to avoid the "dark" suppression of the scene.</p>