Exhibit during the meeting, the staff member of area of happy Huang Zhan interviewed partial agency of place and the biggest toilet to cut off manufacturer, exhibited an area to also cheap outdoor flooring options greet a lot of new old clients and industry celebrity to look around visit, mutual communication learns. Exhibit this of the meeting hold can publicize company image already, recommend a product, the policymaker inside convenient also industry communicates face-to-face deep, visit local client, seek new partner.

Australia is one of western developed countries, living vinyl fencing production in china standard of average per capita is higher, people pays attention to life quality and domestic interior environment quite, the family decorates a respect investment is larger, market size and demand are quite accordingly big, china held advantage position to the exit of synthetic wood for fence product of Australian building materials, market prospect is relatively capacious.

Since course of study of happy Huang Mu held water 1998 oneself, make hard in the standardization that is Chinese plank, standardization, internationalization all the time. In recent years add of composite wood fencing south africa happy Huang Chi devotes oneself to to export the product abroad, concern at building friendly cooperation with each country enterprise. Future happy Huang Ye will continue to dig Australia deep potential market, strive for vaster cooperative domain!