<p>thus have a great help to the whole body.To enter the winter, it is often said that from the night to sleep second days in the morning, a whole night is cold feet, the quilt is not warm. A lot of people will go to buy wool to be ah. But the market so many brands, do </p>
<p>you know how to buy it? Do not know the home of a small series of Australia to provide you with the purchase of wool is the trick to help you choose the best quality of the wool. Australia wool prices, we must first know why wool is so popular, why so warm, </p>
<p>we start to understand the main component of wool, it is 100% pure wool, weighing three kg, compared with ordinary color, cotton is not only warmth and light, but also can absorb human body temperature the people in bed more warm, and very light, so the </p>
<p>price will be relatively expensive. Australia wool workmanship, in today's society, wool is the most warm winter quilt, it is made of cotton to warm a lot, but most of the cotton are man-made, can't keep for a long time, poor durability, so in the winter, the wool </p>
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