<p>Cork flooring is not actually made of wood into the floor, but to cork oak tree bark as raw material, after crushing, hot pressing made of sheet metal,<a href="http://wpcproduct.com/blog/cheap-wpc-pergola.html">Cheap WPC Pergola</a> and then processed into the floor by mechanical equipment. This plate shape similar to the soft plank, is characterized by light, soft, foot feel good. 2, according to floor functional classification can be divided into domestic floor, commercial floor, indoor flooring, outdoor flooring, low temperature floor heating floor,wood plastic materials price sports venues floor six categories floor. In this case,</p>

<p>Home floor and indoor room for the floor of the wear resistance and water resistance may be less demanding. 2, commercial flooring is characterized by indoor, due to traffic,Cheap outdoor decking so for public places such as shopping malls floor, its high wear resistance requirements. 3, indoor flooring for outdoor flooring, must be waterproof, anti-corrosion treatment can be used outside. 4, low temperature floor heating floor heating floor heating floor is buried under the floor heating pipe,<a href="http://wpcproduct.com/products/co-extrusion-decking.html">Composite Co-Extrusion Decking</a> the floor heating to the surface temperature of 18 --- 30 ��.</p>

<p>To this end,<a href="http://wpcproduct.com/blog/wpc-outdoor-wall-panel-good-material.html">WPC Outdoor Wall Panel -Good Material</a> the characteristics of the floor must be able to withstand a long temperature baking. After baking both the heat to the interior and will not make the floor deformation and paint aging. So suitable for low-temperature floor heating floor heating with a dedicated multi-layer solid wood flooring,Cheap WPC Pergola material but also special laminate flooring.</p>