It is reported, agreement of North America freedom brings into sawn timber of needle Xie Cai of purpose after Telangpu appears on the stage (NAFTA) negotiation, the settlement of get sth done once and for ever lumber trade issue. Because of Telangpu be elected, the prospect that the United States increases sawn timber  agreement more complicated and confusing.

Adornment paper and act the role of face plate industry to innovating in group of industry of Chinese forest products rise abruptly. In November 17-18 day, paper of the 5th adornment internal door suppliers Heraklion and act the role of face plate peak of progress of chain of custom-built furniture industry can be in Guangdong Fosan to hold.

This second peak can be mixed by association of industry of Chinese forest products institute of industry of lumber of Chinese Lin Ke courtyard is sponsorred, paper of adornment of  association of industry of forest products of institute of industry of lumber of courtyard of Chinese forest division, China and act the role of committee of face plate major to undertake. Peak assemble is anxious " character strategy of consummate, industry, technology overturns, the market is forecasted " 4 big topic for discussions, expert attending the meeting best hallway laminate color is in " quality of woodiness forest products, standardization current situation and policy are moved toward " " catenary of custom-built household industry and China are made 2025, industry 4 " " ignition number black-and-white is explored and think " " China lived in colour popularity 2017 trend.