Current, this project is accelerating construction in, head period before the end of the year of workshop of standard of 18000 square metre complete, 2 period project also will at the start working inside year, predict 3 quarters are next year formal put into production. During have an informal discussion, jiang Guoliang introduced wooden decking gardens public Su Yanyuan area to develop the progress case of construction currently in detail, big company pays close attention to the Suzhou actual strength such as group of hope dimension heart continuously and support garden area to develop, strengthen major industry project to be in further garden region composition, realize cooperative win-win.

Zhuang Qicheng expresses, dimension heart group serves as this " Mubohui " basically undertake unit, invited many 80 fluctuation to swim distribute unit participates in this activity, plastic exterior wood lumber will develop oneself industry adequately to get bellwether advantage, the area with garden favorable investment climate,

distinctive area it is as good as promotion that the advantage has been publicized further, attract more travelling merchant to inspect investment to Su Yanyuan area, will develop an enterprise to wait for side dominant position in capital, technology, market further at the same time, accelerate advance move item process, composite porch flooring tongue and groove price make base of board of Su Yanyuan district makes trade of dimension heart wood as early as possible the new window that the industry upgrades, implementation win-win develops.