aggrandizement floor is put forward in the process of the consumer need to pay attention to the "3 f" recycled plastic park bench curved , namely the Flooring (products), Fixing (installation), Fittings (accessories). Luomenhasi Chen xiaoqiang, deputy director said in an interview, "and now a lot of complaints that the problem is that on the installation and accessories high hardness plastic wood pergola roof ,

consumer often lies in the construction of the lift up in the floor later they don't professional, or glue, layering don't match." Holy elephant group, one of the first "good iconography 3 f floor action". In terms of installation watertight garden walls wood plastic , iconography organized "optimal outfit vanguard", according to each player is in accordance with luomenhasi,

Chinese forest product industrial association issued "China aggrandizement floor consumes white paper" in the installation acceptance standard, through the examination of the competition composite stair tread railing prices . On the accessories, from nails to "skirting board" can be careless.