Liaoning hopes in the following four aspects of cooperation with the Russian community. First, make full use of geographical advantages, to carry out economic cooperation with Russia We adhere to the "introduction" and "going out" on the basis of Russia is willing to strengthen in the petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, electronics, biotechnology, information technology , New materials, new technologies,
environmental protection industry, forestry, agricultural products processing industry and other areas of cooperation, the two sides can invest each other to jointly set up joint venture projects. Second, strengthen scientific and technological cooperation, accelerate the pace of personnel exchanges Russia has a strong team of high-tech researchers, with the world's advanced level of scientific research institutes,
which for our two sides to carry out scientific and technological cooperation and the introduction of Liaoning professional and technical personnel to provide intellectual protection. We hope to carry out the exchange of personnel and information with Russian universities and research institutes. In the field of humanities, culture, education, health, sports, media, law and other aspects of the exchange of teachers, students, medical experts,
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