<p>together is not a small number, the cost should be who to pay, in the decoration of the contract should also be marked. 5, according to the construction of this note, the owner must be in strict accordance with the construction of your signature approved drawings, if the details of the size and you do not meet the design drawings, you can request rework. 6, the warranty clause in the contract signed decoration in this one must carefully review the whole process of decoration is now mainly live production </p>
<p>primarily by hand, there is no comprehensive factory, fine quality so inevitably there will be a variety of. Warranty period, the company should be responsible for the implementation of the decoration is particularly important. Such a problem, the decoration company is full contractor responsible for the warranty, or just work, not responsible for material guarantee, or provisions or any other constraints, these must be in the decoration in the contract to write clearly. 7, supervision and quality inspection at the time </p>
<p>and the number of general decoration company will project to each construction team to complete, quality inspection and supervision is the decoration company for their most important supervision means, they visited the scene of the time interval, the engineering quality is especially important. Supervision and quality inspection, every 2 days should be present once. The design should also be 3-5 days to the scene to see if the results of the construction site and their own design is consistent. Some matters </p>
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