Floor of the heat of the earth's interior because the complexity of the characteristic of its function and system of the heat of the earth's interior, compare with common floor photograph, the maintenance of floor of the heat of the earth's interior and maintain have its distinctive place, adding protect wet respect to want special attention blandly.

Heat preservation of level ground of the ground when installation wants to notice

When floor of use terrestrial heat, consumer must notice successive ground gives ground level ground and floor to heat. When installation, upper temperature should maintain control in 18 ℃ . Before installation, want to warm up gradually to cement floor, increase 5 ℃ everyday, till the standard that till achieve 18 ℃ ,controls. The head after installation is finished inside 3 days, want to continue to maintain this one temperature, caikegen warms up according to need after 3 days, and can warm up only everyday 5 ℃ .

The attention is added lukewarm want successive

Use heating of the heat of the earth's interior for the first time, notice to answer slow warm up. When be being used first, before 3 days when heating begins should warm up gradually: The first day of water is warm 18 ℃ , the following day 25 ℃ , the 3rd day of 30 ℃ , the 4th talent can rise to normal temperature, namely water is warm 45 ℃ , upper temperature 30 ℃ of 28 ℃ ~ . Cannot warm up too fast, too fast word, the floor may produce craze twist phenomenon because of expanding.

Long hind enable again, add Wen Ye to want successive

Long hind when enabling system of heating of the heat of the earth's interior again, also should use like first time in that way, press strictly heat the program warms up.

Upper temperature cannot too tall

Those who want an attention is, heating of use terrestrial heat, upper temperature should not exceed 28 ℃ , conduit temperature cannot exceed 45 ℃ , if exceed this temperature, the service life that can affect a floor and use cycle. Average household, winter room temperature achieves 22 ℃ left and right sides, already very comfortable, if warming up normally, be the use that won't affect floor of the heat of the earth's interior.

Shut system of the heat of the earth's interior, the attention drops in temperature want progress step by step

As seasonal elapse, rise when weather thaw, indoor when needing heating of system of the heat of the earth's interior no longer, should notice to shut system of the heat of the earth's interior to also want to have a process, of the floor drop in temperature the process also wants successive, cannot pelter, if drop in temperature if rate is too rapid, also can affect the service life of the floor.

When the room is too dry, can consider to add wet

Winter climate is dry, add heating of use terrestrial heat, the floor falls for a long time at the circumstance of high temperature, easy and weather-shack, at this moment owner is necessary to be added to the room wet, lest the floor does fission form.

The attention when decorating cannot be in ground stiletto, hit snag, lest play cop of leakage terrestrial heat, bring about system of the heat of the earth's interior to run water, floor bubble water discards as useless. Because floor surface is to come loose,heat up a face additionally, fixed garnish is not done as far as possible on the floor or put the furniture that does not have a leg, unfavorable also add build platform, lest affect hot air to flow, bring about a room to warm oneself the effect not beautiful.

Because floor surface temperature is higher, the room winter of system of heating of use terrestrial heat had better not place Cheng Shui's glass service and china directly in the ground, lest because of be heated not all, heat bilges cold shrink, cause household utensils rupture, in the home " Shui Manjin hill " .

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