<p>avoid  scratching the floor.Wooden floor to create a Chinese style of ancient charm of  fresh and elegant villa designDesigners use modern materials and lifestyle to  create antique flavor, in the feast of red water Zen has a cloud-like freehand  life. Wooden floor and the Chinese style furniture to create the elegant mood,  is not it very elegant? In the entrance to the design of a very elegant and  luxurious hall, the ground covered with gray marble, retro shelves placed on  the shelf to do the old sense of scale and Scale thallium, placed below the  shelves of </p>
<p>graphite containers to do decorative, so that looks very elegant  solemn space. Living room lighting is very good, big windows to the space to  bring bright sunshine, the ground covered with black and white lines of the  carpet, to bring a very flexible three-dimensional visual sense, choose a dark  sofa coffee table, so that space is more solemn .Garden design of the wooden  platform, placed on the floor of the Chinese style tea tables, chairs,  convenient for the owner here usually leisure tea, placed in the courtyard  sculpture, while planting fresh </p>
<p>green plants, To create a quiet and elegant  leisure area.The living room is designed with black marble decorative  background wall, natural stone to bring luxury and elegance of space, while the  design of the fireplace, so that the living room becomes warm and comfortable,  select the Chinese style sofa chair symmetrical display, with Chinese retro  Stool when the coffee table, so that the space appears to be dignified and  elegant.The layout of the entire space are Chinese style, in the living room  design of the circular windows, windows placed at the pine bonsai decoration,  to create a Chinese-style quaint, in the interior of the modern fashion sense  of furniture, so that space Become practical and comfortable.</p>
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plans for wood chairs for a swimming pool<br />
pictures of outdoor wooden hand rails</p>