Recalling the classic code of the European floor was brilliant, eyes full of glittering, dazzling halo. "The only one three times for six consecutive years using 3.15 signs", "was named the 2005 Beijing favorite brand", "national Mianjian products" and so on. A company can get all of the above-mentioned honor, is indeed the supreme glory, definitely can be regarded as the industry's oldest, few people can match. cheap outdoor flooring
In the European Code of the floor before the outbreak of the event, the European Code indeed called the classic. 1999 European Code of the first ship deck flooring create formaldehyde emission of 0.5mg / 100g environmental standards. 2000 European Code of the floor to get China's environmental labeling certification. recycled structural plastic composite flooring
Since then, the EU Code enterprises in September 2000 invested 1 million yuan in Beijing Xidan Cultural Square, the construction of China 's first display of eco - housing. From March 2001, the EU Code enterprises have invested 3 million yuan, 50 cities in the country to carry out "calling for green consciousness, and advocate green consumption" China Environmental Label China Public Service activities. ... ... outdoor wooden corner bench