Such as the country's largest production base of real wood floor, nanxun, at the height of floor reached more than 370 the number of enterprises (industrial and commercial registration) Dark Brown Composite Fencing , by the end of 2004, according to the personage inside course of study introduces, only in the area more than 100 floor companies can start normally,
most enterprises have closed down and go or is shutdown state; And the country's largest production base of aggrandizement wood floor in changzhou, jiangsu province Waterproof Wall Panels Canada , also no longer see emerging enterprises springing up surface; The first domestic production base in changsha,
hunan province, aggrandizement wood floor enterprise quantity also declined from the peak of more than 30 to less than 20... Sign # 2: low-quality low floor prices hit bottom High Quality Wpc Decking Floor , have no space down, the price war power failure for a long time, part of the floor, small and medium enterprises,