" adornment veneer sticks man-made board " standard in April 2016 project approving, by hare darling academy the organization establishs standard working group, invite Nanjing forestry university, Zhejiang aricultural university, Zhejiang to save forest products quality to detect for many times the authoritative orgnaization window flower boxes wholesaler expert such as place of qualitative check of station and Na Xun participates in standard examine and verify, ensure advanced sex of the standard.

Rely on an academy to be in " fall aldehyde, flame retardant, insect-resistant, be able to bear or endure await " wait for technical domain accumulate with the breakthrough, the formaldehyde of this standard is released quantity, flame retardant, moistureproof, insect-resistant wait for index to all achieve international affordable vinyl privacy fence agent uk advanced level, to ability of company technology research and development, production level of management, detect ability raises taller requirement, also be the chance that promotes whole the standard at the same time.

Hare darling makes standard innovation company hard, end at present, participate in in all establish a standard 79, level of its China time 2, national level 29, occupation standard 34, achieved project of about a hundred scientific research, positive result change, include item of 10 states level among them, win award of discount vinyl fence panels multinomial science and technology, it is one of main drafting units of level of the state inside course of study of one's own profession, occupation standard.