<p>"Because of fancy Purchasing Guide publicity chair is solid wood and leather material, the sisters bought a set of value of thousands of combination of furniture, did not expect delivery home, they found that the foot is made of metal to do. Nanchang Jiulonghu Wan million people to reflect the public, said last month in Honggu Tan unified international home to buy the product "not the goods board."</p>
<p>Ms. Wan just bought a new house, is preparing for renovation. Coincidentally, during the unification of the international family sent to her an in-store product promotional message touched her, December 17, she and her sister came to the store to pick furniture. Ms. Wan said that at the time of their reception is a shop Liu name Purchasing Guide, after some selection, she and her sister have fancy a promotion price of 1.18 million yuan of the combination of furniture (including sofas, coffee table, TV cabinets and tables Dining chair).</p>
<p>"At that time I also specifically asked Purchasing Guide, the other said that the dining chair is solid wood and leather material, we feel cost-effective to decide to buy." Ms. Wan said that after consultation, the store agreed to price 10,000 yuan, Dining chair, the day she will pay the full 2 ​​million, and her sister bought a set. However, the last week to receive the goods, Ms. Wan found that the foot is made of metal furniture, in addition, two sets of furniture cortical part of the size of the holes were there, which made her very uncomfortable.</p>

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