One, survey of state of Papua New Guinea,Independency of Papua New Guinea (Ba Xin of the following abbreviation) PNG, area 462840 square kilometer. Population 5.42 million person (2006) , cladding for houseboats year increase rate 2.5% . Be located in south ministry of madder of peace and tranquility, be south the 2nd big country that Pacific Area is next to Australia, it is mixed by upper new Guinea two parts comprise southern Babuya.

With Indonesian Yilianchaya the province receives on above ground pool deck made with plastic the west, tuoleisi is lain between south channel and Australian photograph look. Belong to Melanesia archipelago. Whole area shares many 600 many islands. It is Oceanian the 3rd big country. The Papua New Guinea is area of equatorial and rainy climate, climate is burning hot, rainfall Composite Pontoon Flooring is big, the forest is resourceful, give priority to with selva.

According to the data of management board of forestry of Home Ba Xinguo, ba Xin gross area 46.284 1 million hectare, among them, 29.437 1 million hectare are enclothed by the forest,benefits of wood wall cladding  the forest is enclothed rate 63.3% . In addition, still have other forest land 4.474 1 million hectare, inland water system 0.998 1 million hectare, other land 11.375 1 million hectare.