1, try to avoid the surface of the water down to soak to the door,double color folding chair or a long time after the deformation. 2, door hinges and handles appear loose or abnormal sound, should be promptly adjusted or notify the manufacturers to repair.

3, open and close the door should be appropriate to force, should not be pushed fierce thrust. 4, all materials of the door should try to avoid collision with sharp things.camping equipment list 5, double facing the door anti-acid strong, is better maintenance and maintenance, as long as the dirty place with a damp cloth and neutral cleaning solution can be wiped.

6, membrane pressure and paint door,wooden chair price not easy to use sharp objects and hard objects contact, otherwise there will be scratches, if mild scratch, you can also use furniture brightener for processing.

7, solid wood door is relatively difficult to maintain. Try to avoid heat,lounge beach chairs sale in finland electricity and water. Relative humidity should be maintained indoors. To clean with cotton cloth only brush. Solid wood doors are best cleaned with furniture cleaners.