Yesterday, the Ministry of Commerce announced the originating in the United States and the European Union anti-dumping investigation of imports of wear-resistant paper final ruling, said the dumping of such products, causing substantial damage to China's related industries, from its levy 4.1% to 42.8 % Of the anti-dumping duties. The industry believes that the results of foreign wear-resistant paper manufacturers have little effect.
The anti-dumping investigation of wear-resistant paper lasted a year and a half, in April last year by the Shandong Tancheng Xinxin Paper Products Co., Ltd. led the application, the company's agent, Beijing Bo Heng Law Firm He Jinghua told the "First Financial Daily" Two major changes in the final ruling result: the tariff number from 48064000 to 48043900; two major manufacturers of wear-resistant paper.
the United States and the United States Weiwei Wei Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the United States Weiwei Wei grams"), Anti-dumping tax rate from 10.35% to 4.1%; Germany Shu Hao Paper Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shu Hao") anti-dumping tax rate from 24.64% down to 10.0%; other US enterprises in the anti-dumping tax rate remained 42.8%.
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