Ms. Chen immediately samples of the wood floor to Laizhou City, Quality and Technical Supervision, Inspection and Testing Institute for testing. Who knows the conclusion is that, in accordance with the relevant standards, inspection of wood flooring "film hardness" does not meet the standards. Ms. Chen found the store, asked the floor to remove the wooden floor has been installed, but also refund all costs.
But the floor shop only agreed to replace her living room and restaurant floor, do not agree with the return. Finally, complaints to Laizhou Consumers Association. Ms. Chen believes that since the purchase of the wooden floor after the existence of quality testing authority, it should be removed by the flooring shop has been installed all the wooden floor and a full refund.
The business saw Ms Chan to produce the quality inspection report that: their purchase without careful attention to the good, sales of substandard quality of the floor, willing to give a certain amount of compensation. But because the shop has been linked to the manufacturer, manufacturers believe that if consumers require them to assume full responsibility, we must re-wood floor by the statutory testing agency testing,
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