<p>Wood-plastic composite material (WPC) is based on the primary biomass material as the main raw material, compounding a certain proportion of the plastic base material, the special processing of processed composite materials. Wood-plastic composites are divided into two categories, namely the structure of wood-plastic composite materials and lightweight decorative wood-plastic composite materials. The wide range of wood-plastic composites can cover almost all areas of use of wood, plastic, steel, aluminum alloys and other similar composites, and because it is environmentally friendly, cost-effective and recyclable, it also solves the problems of composites , Timber industry waste resource recycling problems. In today's advocacy of low-carbon economy environment, the recyclability of wood-plastic composite materials to make it more and more attention. However, due to some reasons, China's wood-plastic composites industry is still relatively slow. China's wood-plastic composite materials development prospects are mixed.</p>
<p>First of all, China's wood-plastic composite materials, although many manufacturers, but with more than 10 million tons of foreign wood-plastic composite industry cluster, showing a small scattered characteristics. Chang Yi-chi pointed out that at present, China's wood-plastic composite materials manufacturing enterprises are mainly distributed in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region, but the concentration is not high, and the lack of large leading enterprises, to form a large number of enterprises, Difficult to achieve rapid expansion, which greatly limits the development of China's wood-plastic composite materials industry.</p>
<p>Second, the technical level of backwardness. Chang Yi-chih pointed out that at present, the domestic production and research is seriously out of line, the relevant R &amp; D institutions and wood-plastic composite materials business exchanges between the less, the lack of effective communication, coordination and cooperation, making some of the industrialization of scientific research process slow. Moreover, the domestic shortage of technical personnel in the field of wood-plastic composite materials, almost no technical innovation, performance and use of some products require a higher wood-plastic composite products have not been large-scale development, making China's wood-plastic composite materials Technical level has lagged far behind the developed countries.</p>
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