3, urge each member unit, travel owner sheds a business, produce effect of aspect of proprietor of an enterprise, according to country establishs a standard about the regulation, solid choice veranda decking and effective begin company quality and brand construction, will enhance company brand competition ability through technical innovation, product upgrades and providing good service.

Association of industry of Chinese forest composite outdoor frniture houseware products will be the same as a country relevant section, making the premise that move standard, publicly and accepts a society to supervise in the round fall, the quality that is an enterprise and brand construction provide professional and active service, play brand leads action, treated wood plastic drive an industry to upgrade.

  4, urge each member unit, and social all circles undertakes supervisory to industry activity. Association of industry of Chinese forest products will be in charge of sectional etc plastic wood boxes Daun County with the industry appraise through comparison of further normative and of all kinds trade, brand chooses relevant superintendency orgnaization with recommend, industry activity collects fees wait for behavior.