<p>large, to prevent rain; often check the air conditioning, plumbing pipe and washing machine is leaking. The current floor wax from the main role in cleaning and maintenance, can not be completely waterproof; the market there are some floor protection film, like a layer of transparent coating, non-stick slip, waterproof scratch, wax than the floor for a long time, eliminating the need for changing shoes at home Of the trouble. 6, has been soaked in water from the Alice deformation of the floor, the best replacement is not recommended </p>
<p>planing arch parts, and then re-paint the approach, because the arch part of the planing, the re-paint and other board color will lead to Coordination, and uneven thickness of the entire board, the force is different, prone to pits. What is the tile deformation of solid wood flooring? The reasons for a tile deformation The lower the moisture content of the floor, the more water absorption, tile deformation is greater, the moisture content of the floor and the environment of the same or similar moisture content , The floor of the moisture </p>
<p>content of change is very small, the floor is not easy to produce tile deformation. The floor tile deformation is caused by the absorption of moisture in the floor, due to wood moisture absorption hysteresis phenomenon (the floor of the moisture absorption lag about 2%), lower than the environmental equilibrium moisture content of about 2% of the floor moisture content change is not obvious, Shaped deformation. The greater the width of the floor, the moisture generated after the tile deformation is greater. For example, under the conditions </p>
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