<P>From a piece of laminate flooring production, the most cost is certainly used in the substrate layer. The substrate layer determines the quality of the laminate flooring is good or bad, so generally some of the large laminate flooring will choose the more expensive sub-base material as a laminate flooring substrate. However, due to the price of sub-base material than the average price of laminate flooring substrate is much more expensive, so in general, the quality of good laminate flooring prices will be higher.</P>
 <p>In general, look at the substrate is good or bad we need to see as long as the laminate flooring substrate color, if it is relatively shallow substrate is a good substrate. If it is to strengthen the wood floor substrate color is relatively deep, in most cases are relatively inferior substrate. Of course, there are some cases, the color depth of the laminate flooring substrate may be because the substrate was treated with water, resulting in the surface of the formation of a layer of oily substances, so that we look he looked black.</p>

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