<p>completed in the professional paint room, the only work in the construction site is assembled. Three, choose the treads for wooden stair treads, must choose the split wood finger board or multi-layer solid wood composite board, after the fight, refers to the step plate connected schistosity is not easy deformation, cracking and durability, but refers to the stair board than the price of expensive multilayer </p>
<p>composite plate. Four, pay attention to the railing of the vertical line spacing if you choose the railing, attention must be paid to the center of the best distance two bars is defined in the 12.5 cm (choose the special shape of the stairs is to be careful to avoid) for children (such as children playing on the stairs may accidentally slipped) injuries caused by. &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; conclusion: the above method is to buy the </p>
<p>house Xiaobian introduce wood stairs, I hope to help you. Learn more knowledge of building materials, welcome attention to the house decoration network.The main function of the solid wood staircase column is the staircase looks beautiful, transparent, and at the same time to undertake the weight of the stairs support points. Below we understand the role of solid wood staircase column and maintenance </p>
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