<P>In Foshan, drove from Lin's Wood is located in the Nanhai District Jiujiang town headquarters, to its located in Shunde District Longjiang Town, 325 State Road OO shop, but 10 minutes by car. Few people know that as a domestic furniture electric business leader, Lin's wood industry is also the initial start from Shunde,tall table with two stools and then to the "next door" of the development of the South China Sea Jiujiang. Up to now, this South China Sea furniture business, there are still a lot of furniture OEM from the "Chinese furniture first town," said the Shunde Longjiang.</p>
<P>Previously no one was concerned about this phenomenon. But for nearly a decade, including Yabo furniture, star furniture, furniture, furniture and other furniture, "run away" Longjiang, so that people began to discuss, to undertake a lot of Longjiang large furniture enterprises Jiujiang furniture,outdoor foldable chairs producers China's first furniture town "in the short term, this confrontation is not realistic. After all, the current number of enterprises Jiujiang furniture only Longjiang furniture about 1/4. But the real "challenge" Longjiang, is the rise of the South China Sea Foshan furniture, "Three Musketeers."</P>
<P>One is relying on quality conquering, recently opened a new retail exploration of federal furniture, one is listed earlier this month, Victoria is still furniture, "spike" there is no listed company Longjiang, the other is "double 11" one day will be able to Sold 610 million yuan, equivalent to more than half of Longjiang furniture enterprises in the annual output value of Lin Wood. People questioned Longjiang in the past decade did not come out of the new furniture industry behind the new leader, in essence, for the birth of the country's first set of professional sofa town,4 seater garden table online dealers still embrace expectations. So, the South China Sea furniture, "the Three Musketeers," the rise of what is meant by Longjiang? Miss the first wave of the Internet outlet Longjiang, and now in the development of commercialization, can find "glory"?</P>