vacuum spray V-shaped wear-resistant chamfering technology, sweep a glimpse of the endless vision, the true reproduction of the wood's charming style, size specifications are also traditional High-grade solid wood, the European traditional high-grade solid wood, commercial wide board and other options. In the foot feeling,
due to the addition of a special cork mute cushion, effectively reduce the noise, so that the foot thick and dense, close to the solid wood floor, the thickness of 10mm Lin Yun series of surface imitation roller painting process, high wear-resistant special waterproof coating Are unique. Solid wood-type flooring is suitable for geothermal heating
According to the development of solid wood-based floor of the three general manager of the introduction, solid wood flooring is only in the floor of the surface technology has been reformed, it does not destroy the floor itself to strengthen the wear and sturdy characteristics, Geothermal heating customers do not have to worry about.
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