<p>reputation, to provide a reference for everyone to buy solid wood bed cluster. If you need to know more knowledge of furniture, welcome attention to the house decoration network.Solid wood particle board and paint free board, are the production of furniture plate. Although these two kinds of plates are more common, but there are still a lot of people do not know the solid wood particle board and paint </p>
<p>free board in the end which is good, followed by a small series together to understand it. First, what are the advantages of the 1 wood particle board, wood particle board plate is superior environmental performance, the material of wood particle is larger, it retains the essence of a lot of natural wood, environmental performance is always very good. 2, solid wood particle board decorative performance. </p>
<p>Because the surface of the plate is smooth and smooth, without warping and cracking, the utility model has the advantages of good physical property, sound insulation, mould proof and thermal insulation. 3, solid wood particle board grip force. Solid wood particle board inside the structure of the cross scattered particles. So the nail holding force is strong, can nail round nails, screws. These machinability is </p>
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