<p>now, still a lot of consumer are done do not understand, element of real wood floor board with real wood floor has why to differ. building a pool with treated lumber Below by install heart floor to introduce real wood floor board to you the distinction of element board and of real wood floor: </p>

<p>Real wood floor is the real wood floor board that makes good paint in the factory, it is UV lacquer normally, install again next. Installation of floor of UV lacquer real wood is easy, installation tool is simple. But because be Qi Ban,fence installation cost per foot meet on the ground inevitably a lot of floors are seamed, and these floors are seamed often is shelter evil people and practices clear blind angle. UV lacquer makes real wood floor piece resembledcovering a plastic film, very very smooth, bright, but it lost ligneous to feel originally, and the original pursuit that woodiness feeling is floor of wood of people use fact. Will tell to the use person of real wood floor, plant besides wood outside, cost per square foot for pvc decking floor lacquer is a facet with wooden very important floor, because be floor lacquer,protect a floor board. If you take wood seriously to plant only, the floor lacquer with very good neither one will protect your floor board, again good wood also was not used. </p>

<p>Element of real wood floor board it is the real wood floor that did not brush paint, open good chamfer and hawk, brush paint again after installation is over. Its are basic measure is to install element board first, burnish floor, blow be bored with child, brush paint of priming paint, face. The wood chip that uses burnish floor board and be bored with child mix, can make the floor seams the color with real wood floor to agree. Polishing is met the redundant be bored with on floor of eliminate real wood child,best wood for bench slats make real wood floor farther smooth and exquisite, begin to brush paint of priming paint knead dough next, but brush lacquer to ask to worker technology very tall, and cause easily indoor 2 pollution. </p>

<p>In view of all sorts of respect reasons, on the market basic with UV lacquer floor Give priority to, the real wood floor of lacquer of element scrubbing brush uses means to fail to popularize. </p>