<p>The same is a big home strategy, the Red Star Macalline, actually the home of the two or the main store. This model only to solve some of the needs of consumers, <a href="http://weidnerinvest.com/composite/1644.html">parkland plastics laminate board</a> and can not provide integrated home solutions, which is the development of home business space. In Li Jiafeng view, the current business of a variety of business development is not much better. Although the channel has a convenient condition, but the focus is not high, the financial strength is not enough of this model Mishap. In addition, Chen Zhihua that ideas are not clear, positioning is not in place also lead to frequent problems.fiberglass column molds manufacturers He as an example, before 2013, in the wooden door sales did not achieve a breakthrough, mainly because of homogenization of serious production. </p>
<p>Finally, through market research, study consumer preferences, find the difference, positioning as a simple line, and finally contrarian to achieve growth, occupation of a certain market share. In general, in the enterprise, the cabinet, wooden doors and other business departments to get through is relatively easy, but the cabinets, doors and other different distributors how to integrate, how to distribute benefits, it is relatively difficult. Li Jiafeng stressed. The face of a strong enemy, how to build a deck over an existing patioin the design, products and services under great efforts, perhaps they are the only way to survive the gap. At present, the first-tier cities in the domestic struggle of the floor dealers face an embarrassing situation: their brand fame,<a href="http://weidnerinvest.com/composite/7696.html">what to use to cover concrete block</a>  rich products, cost-effective, floor sales, but the cash-strapped - can not make money. </p>
<p>The reason why the edge from the first-tier cities to enhance the operating costs. There is the strength of the dealer is still the case, the general survival of small and medium dealers more worrying. Floor manufacturers to support the intensity of dealers often become an important factor in survivability. Dealers need to support the manufacturers First, the sales policy,<a href="http://weidnerinvest.com/suppliers/23136.html">waterproofing yatch wooden deck</a>  the second is the promotion of investment, the third is the means of promotion. Some dealers believe that enterprises in the support efforts did not meet their own requirements, at least did not achieve the desired results.Pergola Plans Building Garden Structures The increase in expensive rentals and employee benefits increases the pressure on dealers. </p>