chengdu starts heavy pollution weather early-warning of 3 class lash-up, partial enterprise also is restricted to produce by the requirement, stop production. These bounds that produce stop production enterprise to exist what problem? What to adopt to rectify and reform measure? Strict according to be restricted to produce stop production to ask to carry out? On December 6, chengdu business signed up for a reporter to have on-the-spot seek by inquiry to partial enterprise.

6 days afternoon, the reporter comes to this factory, discover plant area very cold and cheerless, really already stop production. Chimney no longer fumy, the worker has had a holiday, only a few employee are in overhaul equipment. The paste on the wall outside the office is worn one paper " announcement " , say the factory answers the measure program that pollutes weather again by industry of model of the Chengdu City, be opposite to reduce sulfur of grain content, granule content,

2 oxidation, carbon dioxide the influence of ambient air, decide stop production now, time of go back to work awaits an announcement. Inscribe time is on December 1. Factory controller Liu Zhengkang says, between this idling period, classics of the Chengdu City is believed appoint, new the area casts hurried via the letter bureau of bureau, environmental protection of the Chengdu City, new bureau of area environmental protection will have had selectived examination a few times. "wpc great wall panel for indoor decorative,wood siding supply denver,deck designs with a roof"