The challenge sex of this one pace is not enterprise of traditional wood floor OK and relaxed with respect to transition. According to heart Er future the half an year this year signs up for, the body amount that at present De Erding makes chest is not large, but growth space is larger. Inside report period, floor kind product implementation battalion receives 338 million yuan, drop compared to the same period 6.41% , wool interest rate grows 1.14% to 37.8% ;

Density board kind product battalion closes it is 1456 yuan, wool interest rate is 10.29% ; Custom-built chest realizes battalion to receive 132 million yuan, grow 47.29% compared to the same period, wool interest rate grows 2.7% to 33.81% . Public data also shows, future, heart Er still can be resided in the home intelligence is joined to touch in the product control system and heat conduction system, and gradually sortie is other household category.

Amplitude of crop of lumber of Canada of second half of the year is apparent 2016 Since this year July, canadian lumber crop and shipment volume growth are apparent, annulus will compare crop of Canadian sawmill lumber to will rise August September 3.0% , achieve five million nine hundred and seventeen thousand six hundred stere. Crop compared to the same period September 2015 tower above 6.4% . Canadian sawmill September lumber shipment six million and thirty-six thousand eight hundred stere, increased than August 5.4% . Compared to the same period shipment measured tower above in September 2015 7.6% . "garden deck cost estimator,plastic wood floor pallets,pictures of composite fencing"