<P>Speaking of home decoration, the first thought is the ceramic tiles, wood flooring and other traditional decoration materials. The benefits of these materials decoration, is modern and comfortable fashion, but the shortcomings are obvious: easy old, difficult to care. In this exhibition,3 piece pub set cheap Xiaobian in the stainless steel products special area to see a decorative design engineering company launched the stainless steel backdrop to win many exhibitors and the public stopped attention. "We launched a stainless steel backdrop for up to a year, there are more than 300 kinds of styles, the market acceptance is very high." The business booth leader Su Dongjie said, compared with the traditional marble backdrop,formica top kitchen tables and chairs stainless steel products, the background wall is more environmentally friendly, Price advantage. Style diversified stainless steel backdrop and other home decoration new materials to win the presence of the public favorite. Xiaobian very optimistic about the prospects for stainless steel home materials market, with the steel market overcapacity and competition, stainless steel new materials will be in the future of home decoration will be more and more popular.</P>
<P>After reading the stainless steel decoration materials, Xiaobian came to Fadio's exhibition area, see a few people around a set of mahogany tea table tea, Xiaobian wonder, decided to go closer to observe, it was found that it turned out to be stainless steel The Mahogany tea table color and shape, the original stainless steel can also make the charm of traditional Chinese tea culture, so Xiaobian very amazing. According to the person in charge of the scene, stainless steel furniture compared to the traditional home has several major characteristics: 1, no formaldehyde,outdoor clothing drying racks no moth, no smell, green; 2. easy to break, easy to deformation cracking; 3. price cheaper than solid wood; Can be recycled, easy maintenance. After listening to the person in charge, Xiaobian sincerely lamented the stainless steel furniture, environmental protection, durable and other new ideas, because it can replace the shortage of wood, but also to create in addition to the metal qualities of their own avant-garde style of traditional Chinese culture. Modern and traditional combination of stainless steel furniture, the future development potential should not be overlooked.</P>
<P>In this exhibition, in addition to people amazing new materials and new furniture, as well as Xiaobian deeply impressed by the flowers of stainless steel home art. Xiaobian everywhere in the scene can be seen with flowers and stainless steel scene, there are moth orchid parked in the stainless steel flower pots tender and beautiful,cafe tables for sale in uk there are stainless steel combo cabinet blooming flowers beautiful. Cold industrial products and the flowers of nature, to build a novel and warm and elegant home atmosphere, people indulge in pleasures without stop. The concept of nature and ecology into the home life, through the flower decoration aesthetics to explore a beautiful home space environment, Xiaobian is the United States "drunk" the.</P>