<p>protection, the performance is much worse than the artificial board. 3, to determine the origin of solid wood bed manufacturers should pay attention to the origin of solid wood bed manufacturers. There is an old saying, &quot;solid wood but the Yangtze River&quot;, that is to say, in the south to the north after the production of solid wood bed, because the climate impact on water content, which is prone to cracking, </p>
<p>deformation and other issues. So when you want to see the origin of the purchase. &amp;nbsp; &amp;nbsp; 4, observe without defects of wood has several of its defects, such as cracks, scarring, bug, mildew. Carefully check the details of the purchase. There is a natural crack can not buy. If the front has scarred, the same position on the back there is also this scar, this scar basically belongs to a knot, a long time, </p>
<p>will fall, so have the defects of furniture is absolutely can't buy. Although a lot of furniture are known to have been drying degreasing treatment, but you think China is so big, so many furniture factory, the state is so weak, the credibility of at least 50 percent off. In addition to those western wood bed, especially his engraved bug, the other will not buy. Mildew is wood green, traces of water phenomenon can not </p>
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