and walking in the hard ground, foot feeling poor, easy to walk for a long time pain, damage to the foot bone; wear-resistant wear layer - the European standard is 0.7mm, Mary same heart through the floor thickness of 2.0mm, the entire floor all the wear layer, wear-resistant than the standard thickness of nearly 2-fold, 34, 43 are fully applicable to the European level standards using the highest levels of business and industry.
Residual indentation - European standard: error degree & lt; 0.04 mm, and Mary floor error degree = 0.02 mm, much higher than European standard. Rolling wheel test - Mary homogeneous heart through the floor series, after 30,000 times the abrasion test, no stratification phenomenon, suitable for high strength areas.
Surface abrasion test - After 5,000 revolutions abrasion tests, observe the wear on the floor surface. Can be divided into T, P, M, F and other four types: fire Marley (Marley) plastic flooring series in line with national GB8624-1997B1 level (flame retardant) requirements, with China National Fire Building Materials Quality Inspection Center test report for The majority of users to provide a good security guarantee.
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