<p>The floor on the market is a lot of more phyletic now, real wood floor, compound floor waits a variety of, generally speaking, compound floor suits to use more do floor of the heat of the earth's interior .sealer for ikea wood flooring  Because the standard ply of floor of the heat of the earth's interior is 6.5-8.5mm, the ply of compound floor is 6-9mm mostly, among them compound floor is aggrandizement more 6-8mm, three-layer solid wood adds up to a floor to be 8-9mm, diathermancy can be better, and its surface has a 3 oxidation the wear-resisting layer of 2 aluminium, this wear-resisting layer is helpful for quantity of heat diffusing quickly in the earth's surface. </p>

<p>And the ply like solid Mudebanyi is controlled in 2cm, keel is hit even when installation, with the word that makes floor board of the heat of the earth's interior, gas is free between floor and ground, deck materials at low cost the heat of air and lumber conducts coefficient very low, such quantity of heat conduct the earth's surface not easily, can bring about caloric waste, upper temperature is inhomogenous, difference in temperature feels apparent. </p>

<p>And compound floor is despotic of course high temperature, in-house moisture content is very little, so the floor won't arise because of the be lost of moisture be out of shape. Multilayer solid wood joins a floor board crisscross of every in any case between the layer, mutual and diversionary, the reverse side still has fight thick and fast be out of shape groove,buy teak flooring in Mississippi decomposed the stress that heating surface produces, deflection is very accordingly small. Water content of real wood floor is high, be in long below the circumstance that high temperature heats, open fission body easily. </p>

<p>If must choose floor board of common fact wood, should choose the reverse side to have layer carry out film as far as possible model floor, because such can moistureproof waterproof, and the humidity balance that can maintain lumber moisture content and surroundings. The design of lock floor more what benefit is worth to be carried at conducting heat is, in compound floor,australia seaside fence panel the effect of lock type floor otherer product is better, because the hook stays between the floor repeatedly,have petty crack, so although the floor encounters hot be affected with damp be affected with damp, after expanding go not easily also form. </p>