the insect pest of live body forest that carries in order to ensure effective ground exterminates the place on log, avoid foreign entrance forest effectively not only evil living things inbreaks and across is infected, protect security of zoology of our country forestry further. In the meantime, still can maintain Shandong port to import the traditional advantage of lumber further, for lumber of form a complete set treatment content sheds garden area to provide powerful technology safeguard, will form processing of aid of aid, auxiliary to already of upriver forest products already and treatment of downstream lumber by-product urge action tremendously.

"With North America of one boat bulk the log that take a skin is exemple, because the impracticability outside the condition divides harm to manage, wanted to rely on berth Shandong port in the past, shandong is transferred again after can turning to Korea to carry out fuming or steaming-treating diseases with fumes as in moxibustion or with steam generated by boiling medicine herbs to handle only. "

examine quarantine staff member introduces, after quarantine handles area investment to use, abroad did not carry out the log of processing to be able to enter quarantine to handle an area directly, save a large number of management cost for the enterprise, safeguard forestry produces safety. Every log comparing is current tripartite reduces cost except harm manage 50, 80 yuan,  "patio furniture made from composite,weather best composite decking,decade deck stain"