In the meantime, set green channel, arrangement only the duty Wu that window person specially assigned for a task is in charge of exporting a company registers card to deal with, data of bill check and ratify, drawback is accepted wait for business, to be engaged in the taxpayer of furniture production, sale, turnover of sale goods month is in 30000 yuan the following, avoid lawfully impose value added tax; Come to serve to according with the furniture company that urges kind of catalog to arrange business backbone, data of help company fill in a form and submit it to the leadership applies for taxation privilege.

Up to now, in all to many 150 company of many 50 furniture, individual pay taxes door the delay time that provided many hours 60 serves, whole area had many 1000 to develop furniture to export business in company of many 8000 furniture. In addition, bureau of tax of health area state returned an organization to hold south 3 period drawback of furniture industry exit grooms class, invite city bureau imports and exports family business backbone visits the spot to give lessons, from exit accessorial, drawback, reduce the respect such as charge to give explain to public support, export drawback knowledge through gaining ground, farther side helps an enterprise up to expand business of imports and exports.
(Liu Xiaofang Chen Qing billow) Deepness evaluation: Directional structure particieboard (OSB) with structural plywood (Plywood) after all which good In every case has an opportunity to have been to the friend of North America or Japanese construction site, regular meeting sees two kinds of disparate structural Fu face plate of material apply, they are OSB respectively (directional structure particieboard) with Plywood (structural plywood, with us domestic formaldehyde exceeds the blame structure of mark to use plywood is two things completely oh) . "tasteless vinyl fence review,engineered hardwood flooring reviews,wooden grids for decking,fencing an outdoor play area"