Entire county shares bamboo countryside farmhouse happy 153, among them astral class farmhouse is happy 28, xin Tao is along agricultural zoology garden provincial grange of 5 stars class. soft tub surround Promote bamboo industry " get an electric shock " , entire county cultivates company of business of report of development bamboo trade in all 15, bamboo product network trades platform 1 (Chinese mat store) , on the net year sale amounts to 1 billion yuan, drive obtain employment 3000 more than person. "Chun Long card " mat product sells as far as to and other places of southeast Asia, Africa.

This year January, spring Long Zhu art is in new 3 board appear on the market. In addition, peach river produces resource advantage adequately, bamboo industry development and essence help non combustible wood panels economy of region of county of deficient, development and river of construction green peach definitely organic union, according to " base is built on hill, the plant is built below hill, market of the develop outside hill,

science and technology defends promotion " train of thought, executive bamboo course of study " 7 one " project (center of an area of garden of a base of a high yield, treatment, metal 4ft x 6ft grid wall panels for sale tucson research and development, trade a the market, nature science exhibits a house, banquet of bamboo shoot of a recreational Zhu Hai, one desk) , advance the deepness development of bamboo industry in the round,