Into course of study Ji Jing of family property head earns 11.7 million (kuala lumpur 14 days of dispatch) suffer an industry to develop growth of business, board and turnover of balata wood furniture to drive, the family property that become line of business (SYF, 7082, advocate board consumable group) up to stopped on October 31, 2016 a season, net increases 8.06% , add by the 10.82 million 8000 your auspicious of early days to 11.7 million 1000 your auspicious.

Into course of study turnover of season of family property head grows 56.66% , to 100 million 48.71 million your auspicious. This company shows through proclamation, will be full of challenge sex continuously this year. The family property that become line of business thinks, the industry grows business to will contribute remarkable profit continuously, kiara Plaza and Lavender residence A sale and ideal of construction project progress, already began to contribute profit.

This company also plans to be in 2017 finance are annual in, b of residence of Lavender of will open sale with Iris residence. In addition, the family property that become line of business points out, the treatment material of business of balata wood furniture and spare parts are done not have because of export demand go up significantly raise, and anticipation won't grow somewhat.  "Low price outdoor wpc diy decking flooring,commercial swing set in trinidad,gardening tubs what fit onto balcony fences"