<p>Aggrandizement floor already became the masses anthology, join a floor board than real wood floor and solid wood, aggrandizement floor has distinguishing feature alone, formaldehyde releases quantity,prefab wpc houses decoration engineered floor panel  surface to be able to bear or endure these 3 manage influence index of wear-resisting of nick index, surface function index often is alluded, what rigid can these index have to set? We look together: </p>

<p>The first, formaldehyde releases a quantity. In the national level of aggrandizement floor, the formaldehyde of the aggrandizement wood floor that accords with a standard releases a quantity to must not exceed 1.5mg/L, and the formaldehyde of brand aggrandizement floor releases a quantity normally control is under 1.0mg/L. There still is a kind of higher E0 grade level in the industry, advantages and disadvantages of wood plastic composites namely formaldehyde releases capacity control to be under 0.5mg/L, it this has brand of floor of a few aggrandizement to be like sunshine of mattress of life home, Lai, Feilingeer to wait only inside floor industry is OK that this has brand of floor of a few a few aggrandizements to be like sunshine of mattress of life home, Lai, Feilingeer to wait only inside floor industry accomplish. Accordingly, consumer is in when measuring brand of one aggrandizement floor to whether the brand assures really, formaldehyde releases a quantity to maintain is the first necessary standard under 1.0mg/L. </p>

<p>The 2nd, the surface is able to bear or endure nick index. The surface of aggrandizement wood floor is able to bear or endure what nick index mirrors is its fight acute implement the ability of cut.purchase composite decking new zealand  Level of 2010 newest states is decorative pattern of &ge;4.0N surface adornment not lacerate, brand aggrandizement floor can reach national level commonly, and the aggrandizement floor that did not amount to GB can achieve 2-3N only commonly. </p>

<p>The 3rd, exterior wear-resisting is spent. National level provides housekeeping money the wear-resisting revolution &ge;6000 of floor of 1 class aggrandizement turns, brand aggrandizement floor maintains normally in 8500 turn the left and right sides,best wood floor seller floor of blame brand aggrandizement cannot reach national level. </p>

<p>3 manage change above function index is the main index that measures brand aggrandizement floor, other if bibulous ply expands intensity of rate, static music, fight the index such as concussion ability to be listed one by one no longer. </p>