we discover this half an year comes annatto rises in price tide never has stopped: Burmese in June Hua Limu goes up greatly; In July, annatto market general will go up in August; The middle ten days of a month is bright red in September acerbity branch goes up greatly; Hedgehog rosewood will go up greatly in October;

Small in November sunken yellow wingceltis begins to go up greatly; Zambia blood wingceltis will go up greatly in December... Hedgehog rosewood (Africa spends pear) before the National Day the price is 4800 yuan / ton, the middle ten days of a month already will rise in October 5500-6000 yuan / ton, present price was to achieve 7000-10000 more yuan / ton.

According to current trend, included on January 2 after be in severe danger to accuse with Nigeria canal, the raw material price of rosewood of next year hedgehog or will broken 10 thousand. Zambia rosewood respect, because each markets demand exceeds supply badly, next year will have a lot of factories to choose Zambia rosewood to use material as household, rosewood of the Zambia when arriving can be entered again rise trend, next year second half of the year rises 60% above.
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