On the other hand, those who increase pair of small small wood to process a business is active guide and the side is helped up, direct small small company introduces advanced technique equipment and product line, build high grade former, complementary makings purchases a system, develop abroad sale channel together, execute mechanism of order fractionation collaboration, establish a brand to develop consciousness, increase a business answer risk ability.

  2014 up to now, dragon mouth area under administration already had company of more than 10 wood to obtain exit aptitude, the product sells more than 10 countries such as past Korea, United States and Australia and area. Garden of industry of treatment of goods of Xing Taihua bamboo obtains appropriate judge " Jiangsu saves 10 beautiful list " A few days ago, appropriate promotes daily company reporter to center area construction to advance the know on the meeting from treatment of complete province produce,
appropriate starts city too garden of industry of treatment of China bamboo goods is selected list of area of concentration of treatment of 10 beautiful provincial produce. In recent years, too China town makes full use of local bamboo resource, economy of place of implantation characteristic industry, development, built 2012 too garden of industry of treatment of Hua Zhu goods.  "gray plastic outdoor flooring in Czech,24 Round Pool Deck Design,recyclable lightweight patio tiles"