<p>consider the clean, plant plants should also be clean, no pests, no smell of the main varieties. In addition, the kitchen due to easy to produce fumes, placed plants should also have better anti-pollution ability, such as aloe, water tower flowers, kidney fern, evergreen and so on. Perfect match: with if the choice of vegetables, fruit materials made flowers, both with the kitchen environment coordination, but also unique fun. Bathroom fragrance romantic romantic into the people, if his family's bathroom is floral, no field investigation, this is </p>
<p>almost no fragrance! In the guest, in the Lord, stay in every corner of this house are not all kind of enjoyment? No doubt, the bathroom needs to meet the requirements of multi-functional, in the decoration process, should be carefully designed and built. One of the most important thing is to do a few flower racks in the right place, put a few pots of flowers or bonsai, fragrance overflowing, full of fun; can also hang a few art paintings, people feast for the eyes, cultural atmosphere highlights. Or to your aesthetic genius to the extreme, </p>
<p>free to put a pot of artificial flowers, so why not? Anyway, is to bring pleasure to the soul, as long as it is enough to feel it fragrant. Perfect match: long-term plant in the bathroom may be too practical for some people, so for lazy people, every week for a bottle of flowers is very feasible way. The colorful life of the kitchen, from the world of thousands of magic, colorful combination of colors, as with our lives are closely related to the kitchen, its color is directly related to the color of the kitchen, The mood of our cooking. A colorful, </p>
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