although the name called ultra-solid wood, but in fact they are basically to strengthen the floor Blueprint for the production of processing, it can be said to strengthen the upgrading of wood flooring products. Stylish and affordable ultra-solid wood flooring Compared with the traditional laminate flooring,how expensive is outdoor wall siding
the most obvious change is the "body size" changes, more refined size to make it closer to the solid wood flooring, U-shaped or radian edge So that its product performance more stable, to a certain extent, reduce the floor due to expansion and contraction of the probability of deformation, but also in the visual effects of wood with three-dimensional wpc floor
As the traditional laminate flooring, ultra-solid wood flooring substrate thickness increases, which is not only conducive to the stability of the floor, but also to a certain extent, to improve the foot feel of the floor. Feng Changrui pointed out that fashion is beautiful and relatively affordable is another feature of ultra-solid wood flooring.waterproof garden fence costs calculator